The List

What we internally refer to as “The List” is actually a yahoo group called “ELTAF_ML”.  We mainly use the list as an email mailing list which goes out to all ELTAF members.  You can use the list to post teaching ideas or questions.  We also post information about upcoming events and the jobs hotline offers.

Joining the List

When you become an ELTAF member, you will be sent an email invitaion to join our yahoo group.  The email comes directly from yahoo groups so be on the lookout for it in case it ends up in your spam box!

  • Open the email.
  • Click the “Join this Group” button. This will take you to our group homepage at yahoo where you will see a short description of our group.
  • Click the “+Join Group” button.
  • You will see a pop-up box where you can confirm your membership info.
  • Enter a display name.
  • Select the alias you’d like to use.
  • Select your email address.
  • Select a message delivery option. Individual Emails means you will receive a separate email for each posting to our group.  Daily Digest means you will receive one email per day showing all posting to our group for that day.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code.
  • Click “Send Request”.

We recommend joining the group as a “full member” since this provides several advantages.  It allows you to log in directly to the yahoo group where you can view all previous postings to the group at any time.  It also allows you to update your information (email address, etc) yourself.  To be a “full member”, you must use or create a yahoo account (ID name, password, etc.) when joining our group.  However, if you do not wish to set up an account with yahoo, you may also join the mailing list only.  You will receive the list emails, but will not be able to access the archive or change your personal information.

Change your Email Address for the List

If you are a “full member”, you can change your name, email address or other membership info at anytime. Please note this is for the mailing list only!!  Contact the Membership Secretary directly to change your contact information with ELTAF.

  1. Log in to yahoo groups.
  2. Click on our group ELTAF_ML
  3. Click “Edit Membership” on the drop-down menu under “Membership”.
  4. Change your information as necessary.

List Etiquette

  1. Please sign all your email posting with your name and a brief comment describing your teaching context, i.e. in-company trainer, FH Frankfurt or VHS.
  2. Common courtesy and mutual respect should prevail.  Messages to the list are not filtered or read by the list admins prior to appearing.
  3. Remember the list goes out to nearly 400 individuals so any posting should be of general interest to the group (teaching materials and methods, feedback for ELTAF as an organization, job opportunities, etc.). Messages intended for one recipient should be sent off-list directly to them.
  4. If you are responding to a previous post, please delete the original text which is copied at the bottom of your reply.  This prevents your reply from being very long requiring lots of scrolling for the readers!
  5. Please do not send requests to unsubscribe, change your email address, etc to the list. You can make these changes directly with yahoo or, if you need further help, you can send an email to the committee.
  6. In order to avoid spreading viruses, we do not allow attachments to be posted.