ELTAF Members’ Day Downloads 2018


Workshop Abstracts

How to Make Materials Last Longer – Daniel Payne (PDF)

ELTAF Workshop Downloads 2018

Teaching Conversational English – Cyndee Szymkowicz

Communicative Business English Activities – Marjorie Rosenberg

Teaching Freelance in Germany – Mustu 

ELTAF Workshop Downloads 2017

From Theory to Practice: Using Business English Tips at Work – Ian McMaster

Teaching Freelance in Germany: A survival guide to working conditions and contracts – Patrick Mustu

ELTAF Conference Downloads 2017

Conference Schedule
Conference Workshop Descriptions

Plenary Presentation – Andreas Grundtvig

Building up Confidence with Small Talk – Pauline Bramall-Stephany & Nicola Thompson (PDF)

Teacher Entrepreneurship – Hugh Dellar (PDF)

Minimizing Miscommunication in the Workplace – Evan Frendo (PDF)

Teaching the Language of Negotiation – Evan Frendo (PDF)

Market Yourself for Success – Gabriella Jones (PDF)

Academic Reading Skills – Timothy Kryaninko (PDF)

10 Useful Things to do with Smartphones in a Lesson – Wilton Mills (PDF)

Your Materials in Your Bag: On the Road with your iPad – Daniel Payne (PDF)

Creating Activities for Different Learner Types, Presentation – Marjorie Rosenberg (PDF)

Creating Activities for Different Learner Types, Handouts – Marjorie Rosenberg (PDF)

Practical, Fun and Easy Activities for Business English – Marjorie Rosenberg (PDF)