ELTAF is a registered association. All Committee work is done on a purely volunteer basis, at weekends and in off-hours. Although this does not excuse mistakes or delays, we hope that our organization’s services will be seen in this light. Nevertheless, we strive continuously to improve the quality of our publication and services and are grateful for constructive suggestions and comments.

Committee Members 2019/2020

Liz Jolliffe Chair

I am responsible for running ELTAF together with the team below. I coordinate committee decisions and generally become involved in all aspects of ELTAF!

Heather Krehbiel Vice-Chair / Events Coordinator

As Vice-Chair of ELTAF, I support the Chair Liz Jolliffe. I am also the Events Coordinator. In this role, I try to keep members aware of current areas of interest and things that we can do to improve the service we provide to our learners. We are professionals who enjoy ongoing training and networking with our peers. Suggestions for workshops and/or further training are always welcome so that we can provide you with the tools for you to do your jobs in such a way as to raise the level of professionalism.

Daniel Payne Treasurer

I keep ELTAF’s accounts, making sure that all bookings are accounted for. I pay the bills and administer the membership direct debits and generally deal with any banking matters. I also check workshop payments and liaise with the events organiser. At the end of the year, I prepare a financial statement to present to the AGM.

Helen Smith  Recording Secretary

I record the minutes at our AGM and 4-5 committee meetings per year. I also send the appropriate documentation to the relevant offices.

Barbara Born  Magazine Editor

Three times a year, the committee and I choose a theme for the ELTAF magazine. I then begin to solicit and collect members‘ contributions. I try to achieve an interesting mix of articles, classroom activities, events and publisher material reviews.

Rhiannon Tan    Membership Secretary

As Membership Secretary, I am the person you contact regarding queries about membership, to join ELTAF or to cancel membership. We always welcome new people and at a fee only €40 per year, you can enjoy our many benefits including workshops, job offers, networking opportunities and many more.

Kristen Speer    Website Coordinator

I maintain the ELTAF website including posting new events, uploading materials for download and updating all text and contact information. I also provide new members with access to the site and am here to answer any question or help with any problems you might have with the site.

Advisory Board

Larry Henry (ELTAFpro), Cathy Duffek (Advertising Coordinator), Debbie Hohmann, Lilit Jaghatspanyan (Social Media Coordinator), Barbara Murai (Catering) and Kimberley Railla (PR Coordinator).

ELTAF Magazine Team

Editor: Barbara Born
Proofreaders: Norman Cox and Judith Mader

Packers: Barbara Born, Helen Centner, Liz Jolliffe, Anastasia Malikova and Sunita Schröder

Supporting Roles

Jobs Hotline
Katrina Taylor & Catherine Fliege

IATEFL Liaison
Heather Krehbiel

TalkShop Coordinators
Barbara Born – Frankfurt
Suzanne Vetter M’Caw – Idstein
Cathy Duffek – Mannheim

Inter-ELTA Liaison
Liz Jolliffe

Daniel Payne and Kristen Speer