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Place your linked logo on our homepage.  Make it easy for English trainers to find your English teaching products by placing a button on our homepage sending them directly to your website.  Our homepage is frequently viewed not only by our own members, but also many other English trainers and potential students in the entire Rhine-Main-Neckar region and beyond.

Logos must be submitted as jpeg image with the following measurements:
max 125 x 125 pixel, 72 dpi

1 logo button costs 200 EUR per year!

Why not place an ad in an upcoming issue of the ELTAF Online Newsletter?

The ELTAF Online Newsletter is e-mailed to all ELTAF members, as well as to member organizations and institutions in the Rhine-Main-Neckar area concerned with the teaching of English as a foreign language. Circulation is approximately 350.

The Newsletter is published in digital format six times per calendar year. There are two possible formats:

  • Display ad in JPEG format, 800 pixel maximum width
  • Text ad of 35 words or less, including link(s), 3 lines maximum, color can be specified

Our advertising rates:

  • Display ad: EUR 120 per issue (6 issues per year – EUR 100 per issue)
  • Text ad: EUR 75 per issue
Deadlines are the 15th of the month previous to publication. Publication dates 2019-2020: 
  • October 2019
  • December 2019
  • February 2020
  • April 2020
  • June 2020
  • August 2020
  • October 2020
  • December 2020

Use our subscription list for time-critical advertising.

Take advantage of an audience of hundreds of English language professionals in the Rhine-Main-Neckar area who subscribe to our members’ subscription list. For time-critical advertising, the result is immediate and can be reinforced with multiple posts. For EUR 50 you may repeat a paid announcement up to three times on the list as desired. This can include your website and email addresses.

We also offer four posts for EUR 50 to any event advertiser who offers a discount to ELTAF members and is prepared to sign up new ELTAF members at the event.

To place an ad, please contact our Advertising Coordinator at