Four Good Reasons to Become an ELTAF Member

Spice Up Up Your Teaching
ELTAF holds regular workshops that cover new as well as tried-and-true teaching activities, ideas and methods you can use with your students. Learn about new materials from the authors themselves, participate in demonstrations of new techniques and ideas, and listen as speakers address a wide range of theoretical and applied TEFL topics.
ELTAF is the place to meet other professionals who are working in your field to exchange ideas and experiences. You’ll have a chance to get inside information on work contracts, tax considerations and other legal matters of interest to teachers, both employed and freelance. You are also welcome to meet up with fellow members at a nearby restaurant after workshops or attend regional TalkShop sessions – informal get-togethers.
Keep Up to Date
ELTAF’s newsletter includes classroom tips, book reviews, summaries of past workshops, articles on teacher development programs and a calendar of both local and European conferences and events. You will even find information about sources for classroom materials and activities that you can recommend to your students.
Go Online
ELTAF has an active members-only e-mail forum for exchanging views and finding information about subjects related to ELT. This means that you always have colleagues to call on when you need advice about exams, teaching methods or classroom problems. The website also has a members-only area with downloadable material and additional information.  You can even create a profile for yourself in our online trainer list to attract new clients.

ELTAF e.V. looks forward to welcoming new members!